Anupama 12th July 2023 written update full episode: Guru Maa slapping Anupama

We are going to share an article of the most famous show Anupama of this show. This show is running on television with tremendous TRP. The latest episode starts with Kinjal asking Anupama what happened. Anupama tells that her purse was missing. Pakhi came running. She cries and hugs Anupama. Anupama asks the reason for her crying. She asks her to remember Anuj’s words. She thinks about Anu and confesses to Anupama that she cannot live without her. She asks about Anu. Pakhi gets shocked. She says Anu is sleeping. Anupama asks him to take care of Anu. He says he will take care of Anu and other relations.


Anupama 12th July 2023 written update full episode

She says that she will not stop Anupama at any cost. Anu calls us for Anupama. Anuj consoles Anu. Doctor asks Anuj why they are not calling Anuj’s mother as it will help them. Anuj sits with mother. Anuj sits silent. On the other hand, Anupama gets ready to leave. Bhavesh tells Anupama that Kanta and he will not come to the airport as they will not be able to say goodbye. He says that when she comes back to India, he will come to pick her up. She emotionally tells both her mothers to take their medicines on time.

Shah collectively hugs Anupama. Vanraj and Toshu decide to take her to the airport. Anupama’s phone drops, she hears Anu asking her to come back. Partitosh says that this is his old recording. She walks away and cries for him. Anu runs out of the room and Barkha and Ankush run after her. Malti asks Anupama where is she. She tells that she is about to reach airport. Vanraj asks her to focus on her goal. Anupama remembers the past. She gets a call from Anuj. She sits stunned. Malti Devi thinks the flight is on time and once Anupama is in USA, she will take care of her.

Vanraj asks her what happened. She tells Vanraj that she cannot hear anything. Vanraj asks Anupama to disconnect the call. Leela says she is missing Anupama and doesn’t want to go home. Vanraj, Anupama and Paritosh reach the airport. Malti Devi takes the responsibility of Anupama. Vanraj asks Anupama not to stop. Anupama gets a call where Anu is calling her back. If you want to watch full episode on Star Plus. Stay tuned for more updates.

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