Anupama 19 July 2023 Written Update Today: Leela Worries For Anupama

Hello to all Anupama Indian drama lovers. This show is running on the high TRP. This show is based on the life of a lady and how much she struggles in her life for her children and her family. The last episode starts with Anupama saying that she listened to Maya. Yes, she listened to her heart. Anupama says when she got off the plane, she saw the missing call from the orphanage. She says that she has seen Maya’s spirit. Anupama adds that last time she couldn’t go because she was pregnant with Pakhi, but this time it was Anu. Her dream is unfulfilled but the mother is happy inside. Anupama tells Malati that she has kept her word and is waiting for the latter’s words.


Anupama and Shah Kapadia cross their hands in front of Malati. Malati says the teacher makes or breaks the student. Anupama has destroyed it. She adds that she thought he would die peacefully after handing over the gurukula to Anupama, but she broke his trust. She says that she vows to destroy Anupama and defy both families, they won’t be able to save her from her wrath.

Anupama Written Update: Leela Worries For Anupama

Anupama thinks of Malati’s curse and tells Anuj that Malati’s anger is right and she will apologize for her as long as she forgives her mistake. Anuja supports Anupam. Thinking about her, the Shah family worries. They are afraid of the curse of Malati. Vanaraj says Anupama should not have come back. He claims to handle Anu. Paritosh says he is Anuja, and Anuja could join her in America. The king of the forest is worried about the future. He agrees with Dimple that Malati can do anything for Anupam and impress everyone. Lila is stressed out.

Ankush is talking to his brother. Anuj says he is ready to accept Malati if she harms Anupama. Anupama listens to her brother, Ankush’s conversation. Nakul returns to Malta. He tells her he won’t let her bear the loss. Malati tells Nakula that if she feels guilty, she can leave. Matli says that Anupama is proud of being a mother, so she will come to be her mother. She smiles, thinking of something. Anupama prays to God to give her strength to fight the troubles ahead. Even that magic prays to itself. She assures Maya that she will talk to Photo and comply.

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