Anupama Episode Written Update 25th July 2023: Watch On Disney Plus Hotstar

The show with the highest TRP is Anupama and this show is running on television with good TRP. This show has created a good fan following among the people. The latest episode starts with Samar asking Dimple if she is coming with him. She says she has no option but to accept Malti’s proposal. Samar gets irritated. Anupama says Samar is emotional. She says scolding dance academy would have hurt Samar. Kinjal says she had a habit of leaving dance academy. Hasmukh says Samar is upset as he is not able to support the family financially. Leela says Samar cannot see Anupama upset at any cost.


Anupama Episode Written Update 25th July 2023

Dimple convinces Samar about the proposal. Dimple tells Malti that she is ready to take a chance with Samar. Malti says after signing the contract she will have to work in Gurukul. Anupama calls Samar. She says that sometimes compulsion forces a person to do something against his will. Anupama wants Samar not to fall into any trap. Samar ignores Anupama’s call. Anuj calls Adhik. Leela tells more that she would come with Anupama, Anuj. Anuj tells that is more focused.

Vanraj calls her hardworking. Anuj further says that if he had not called, he would not have come much. Pakhi calls Anuj. gets more shocked. Anupama makes sweets for Kavya. Kavya gets worried about her figure. Anupama says that she should only think about the child. Vanraj says she does not understand him. Kavya sits with mother. Anupama notices Kavya. Anu asks Anuj what is the surprise. He decides to wait for Dimple and Samar. Leela says that she cannot wait any longer. He announces that Pakhi Kapadia will join the empire. More gets shocked and informs Brakha as well.


Anupama suggests Kavya’s baby shower. Shah decides the theme. Leela talks about fashion topics. Anupama thanks him, Anuj replies that he was expecting something else. Anumama expressed love. She further asks if everything will be alright, and Anuj consoles her. Samar and Dimple come back. Anupama asks why is he upset. Dimple tells that she has signed a contract with Malti. Everyone is surprised to hear this. Samar shouts at Vanraj that he does not want to be as good as him as he will have to pay for it. Matali tells Nakul that she is hurting Anupama’s motherhood. Anupama decides to save Samar from Malti Devi. Stay tuned for more updates.

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