Anupama full episode 16th August 2023 written updates

Anupama 16 August 2023 is a mind boggling show running well with good TRP on television. This is the show, where you can get all the elements of entertainment. The latest episode begins with everyone, who are shocked to see Romil partying with his friends. Let the younger brother switch off the music. Romil gets angry with his younger brother and asks him to play music. He pushes him away. Anupama makes a stand for her younger brother. He often says some wrong things to Anupam. The younger brother slaps Romil. Ankush asks his younger brother what he is doing. He says if he says anything wrong against Anupam, he will slap him again.


Anupama full episode 16th August 2023

According to the report, the forest king asks Samar to sit down as he wants to have any conversation. The Forest King tells Samar to sit down as he wants to say something. Samar asks the Forest King if he wants to talk or give a lecture. The Forest King asks Samar if he is alright. Smiling lectures all the men of the house about his father’s love. He says that fathers should express love to their children in a timely manner. Paritosh brings coffee for everyone. He says he wanted to share his pain. He tells him he’s sorry, if Dimple would feel bad for calling him. He says he wants to spend time with his family.

Dimple looks at the king of the forest, smiling and satisfied. She thinks they can manipulate Summer. The younger brother tells Ankush that this is the most serious thing that Romil is drunk. He asks his friends to leave. He scolds everyone for drinking. He splashes water on Romil. The king of the forest, Hasmukh and Paritosh talk to Samara. Paritosh asks Samar to crack something funny. He replies that it’s funny in the present so he can make him laugh.

Romil learns Pakhi told Anupama, and Anuj about his side. He says he didn’t reveal their truth but they exposed him. She says the music was loud so she learned it herself. The younger brother asks him to be courteous to them as he is old. Summer thankfully has been nice to them. Complacency suggests spending time with each other. They embrace together. The king of the forest sees the poem and thinks that he will not make any effort for her The younger brother tells Ankush that Romil has to learn the right things before he gets lost. Romil asks him why he is trying to be after him as he has a habit of being alone.Stay tuned for more updates.

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