Anupama full episode 29 August 2023 today written updates

We are back with a written update on the most famous show Anupama. The show is based on a very interesting story. The show covers the struggles of a woman’s life. The latest episode starts with Vanraj saying that he cannot do this and leaves the place. Kavya got angry. Samar and Paritosh are worried for Vanraj as he might get upset because of Kavya. Anupama gets shocked. Pakhi tells Romil not to be smart. Adhik asks Romil to incite against him. Ahik says that Romil should be thrown in the garbage.

AnupamaAnupama full episode 29 August 2023

Vanraj remembers his past with Kavya. Anupama made him drink tea. He shares with her that he does not want to father Anirudh’s child. Anupam tells him that he started taking care of his child. Thus, he is anxious. She says she can’t resist accepting the baby after the baby is born. He says that he will not accept Aniruddha’s child. Anuj listened to him. Leela prays to God for Kavya’s safety. Anuj asks Anupama if Vanraj came to discuss this that day? She asks if he is upset that he replies that it is not important that spouses should share everything. Anuj goes to temple.

Anupama hits the floor. Anuj refuses to believe her. Dimple waits for Paritosh and Samar. They came back. Dimple inquires about it. Samar says Kavya is fine and under observation. Dimple decides to cook bhog. Leela warns to stay away from family. He gives Dimple an ear. Hasmukh and Kinjal ask Leela to stop. Pakhi asks Anupama about Kavya’s condition. She says she is fine now. Romil decides to hang out with his friend.

Adhik decides to visit his friends. Anupama is disturbed thinking about Malati Devi. Dimple and Leela argue with each other. Hasmukh gets angry with Leela. Leela decides to teach Kavya a lesson if anything happens. Anupama tries to go to Nakul. He wants to know about Matli Devi. Anuj says this could be confusion. He says he will find Malti. Anupama will go to the same temple and get information about Malati. When Dimple tries to meet Kavya, Leela stops her from meeting Kavya but Anupama takes her side. You can watch the full episode on Starplus. Stay tuned for more updates

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