Anupama written update 26th August 2023 full episode updates

The famous show Anupama is in high TRP on television. This show has built a good fanbase. The show is based on the story of one woman and the life of one family. The latest episode begins with Anupama asking Pakhi if there is one percent doubt, that even husbands have no right to touch. Pakhi replies to her that it is her personal matter. Anupama says she doesn’t interfere. She says she tries to understand that authority has no right to be touched. Pakhi asks her to give up the poison of her relationship.


Anupama 26th August 2023

She asks her not to treat him like a criminal. She also decides not to interrupt. She is thankful for this. Anupama says she can share something whenever she needs to. She says her entire family is with her. She says officers, like everyone else, need to get a second chance. Anupama is happy to see the friendship between Romil and Pakhi. Anupama says she always wanted a younger brother, Romil is there for her as a younger brother.

Kinjal is coming home. Leela and Hasmukh learn that Kinjal is not well. They restrict her from household chores. Leela asks her for the rest. Dimple smiled now thinking Leela would understand how it felt to be alone. Anuj and Anupama share the conversation. She tells him about Pakhi. He shares that he also tried to talk to authority. Leela asks Anupam to come to Shah’s house as Kinjal, Kavya and Hasmukh are not well. Anupama arrives and she takes care of them. Dimple feels very sad to see Pari crying. Barkha sees Romil in the kitchen and says she wonders how anyone is moving in the house.

She also says that one considers favor an entitlement. He says she also chills with her younger brother’s money. Dimple helps out. Leela asks Anupam to go back. Romil’s words trigger rain. She raises her hand to Romil. Anupama comes back to Romil’s excuse. Leela sees Dimple and Pari and she decides to win Dimple in love. Barkha tells Anupam that Romil tried to provoke her. Aupama reveals that she heard their arguments. Anupama warns her to tease Romil. She asks her if she’s doing this with her for more reasons. She says next time if he does something wrong to her, she will throw him out of the house.

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