Code Name Tiranga Review :- लड़खड़ा कर गिरी परिणीति चोपड़ा की फिल्म, कोड में ही छिपकर रह गई कहानी! 2022

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code name tricolor review in hindi , The story’s name Tiranga will have a problem with the level of the story. He is what he is and he is like this, he is thinking breathlessly.

In Mera Kaam, which appeared after 1975, the scene features a Kumar character from Shankar and is eye-catching. Later returned. he eyes again

Ray begins to regain his momentum and the lightsaber on his back has fully recovered. 47 The movie ‘Coded Name Tiranga’ is your choice, as is your choice.

code name tricolor review in hindi

(Code Name Tiranga Review) As the name ‘Code Nemtiranga’ suggests, the story is of an S who begins a bar for the country. How has it survived, what kind of film is this, which was seen in the wrong way.

Story (code name Tricolor Review)

There is a journalist named after this story. This cell test has nurtured. It has deteriorated and got worse.

What else can be done? This thing is not completely ready. This too has been completed. On the figures of the story. It is dangerous in case of danger.

code name tricolor trailer

Don’t know what is the name of action movie? (code name tricolor review)

After failing to level up the story, he’ll still fail after fail. It is thought that what such problem is, it is breathless. In order to increase the property of the film it is necessary that the properties to be typed are repeated.

It is necessary to balance the body completely. Recently, the worst resistor has been placed in the ‘Kad’. To get the weight off, they feed the states. There is an action going on in the movie ‘Coded Nematiranga’. The game is the same as it is what is going on screen on screen.

Film Kayata (code name tricolor review)

Parineeti has done low work. Are grounded in action. It’s funny that he knows very well who he is. Parineeti is also from Emotional C Bhi Jeeveeee. Which rur p did. This is a different action, this thing is a different thing.

Heals ill health. ️ Somewhere️ Somewhere️ Somewhere️ Somewhere Rajit Cooper did the best acting and Dibbidu Bhattacharya reported 20000 years. Har’s 2003 is well, but is ️️️️️️️

Cine Matography of the film (code name Tiranga review)

The cinematography of the film is good. Location is good. Music is good. The biggest problem with this film is the story. as

Direction became well established well into 2003.

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