Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023: Registration

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023: Registration, Teachers, pdf download, Benefit, List, Eligibility, Documents, Official Website, Helpline Number

Sikkim has taken a step towards securing the jobs of its government employees through a sabbatical leave scheme. This initiative allows employees to take time off without worrying about losing their status. Let’s take a look at the scheme, its benefits, its eligibility criteria and how you can apply.

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

Scheme Name Sabbatical Leave Scheme
State Sikkim
Announced By Sikkim State Government
Announced On August, 2023
Objective Provide Sabbatical Leave to the Government Employees
Beneficiaries Regular Employees of the State Government
Sabbatical Leave Time Period 365 to 1080 Days
Mode of Application Offline

Sikkim Aama Yojana

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Objective

The objective of this scheme is simple, government employees will be able to take leave without fear of their jobs. The scheme was announced on August 14, 2023, signifying the government’s commitment to this approach. Employees can choose leave from 365 days to 1080 days, thereby creating room for personal development. His job will be secure during this period. Financially, employees receive 50% of their regular income during their leave time. The idea is to allow employees to explore education and business ventures that their regular jobs may not allow.

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Benefits

  • Job Security: This scheme removes the fear of job loss for a long time ensuring peace of mind.
  • Financial Assistance: The government accompanies the employees during this period, providing them 50% of their regular income.
  • Extended Break: Unlike the standard one-year limit, this scheme opens the door to a leave period of up to three years, allowing for in-depth personal research.
  • Gateway to new opportunities: This break can lead to new job prospects, boosting one’s career journey.
  • Balanced life: Work-life balance is made more possible with a sabbatical leave scheme.
  • Venture into Entrepreneurship: This scheme not only opens doors for personal development but also encourages employees to start their own businesses while retaining their government jobs.

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Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Required Documents

The required documents of this scheme are:

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Identity Proof
  • Employee ID
  • Loan Documents
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • Resident of Sikkim state
  • Regular employees of the State Government
  • Central Government employees aren’t eligible
  • Minimum of five years of service

Berojgari Bhatta Yojana

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Registration

  • The applicant has to first visit the department responsible for the scheme.
  • “Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Yojana” application form must be obtained from there afterwards.
  • You now have to fill this form by entering the required information.
  • Then the required documents have to be included in the form.
  • Once everything is done, you have to return this form to the place from where you first picked it up.
  • If you follow this procedure you will be successful in your application for Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme.

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Help Line Number

There is no Dedicated help line for this scheme. But the employees who are eligible for this scheme can go to their respected department regarding this scheme.

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Sikkim’s sabbatical leave scheme is a game-changer for government employees, giving them an opportunity to pursue personal development, education and even entrepreneurship without job insecurity. This progressive approach of the government reflects its commitment to employee well-being and personal development.

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Q : What is the Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme?

Ans : The Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme allows government employees to take extended leave without risk of job loss, promoting personal growth and career balance.

Q : Who is eligible for Sabbatical Leave Scheme?

Ans : Regular Sikkim State Government employees with minimum five years of service can apply; Members of the All India Service are ineligible.

Q : What’s the Sabbatical Leave Scheme goal?

Ans : The objective of the scheme is to give government employees time for education or new business ventures.

Q : How long is the leave duration?

Ans : The leave ranges from 365 to 1080 days, enabling in-depth personal research.

Q : What benefits does it offer?

Ans : It provides job security, 50% income during leave, and the chance to explore new job prospects or entrepreneurship.

Q : How can I apply?

Ans : Submit an application as per guidelines with valid justifications through your department head’s approval.

Q : What documents are needed?

Ans : You will need passport-size photo, identity proof, employee ID, loan document (if any), email ID and mobile number.

Q : Can I start a business during the holidays?

Ans : Yes, employees can venture into entrepreneurship alongside their government job during leave.

Q : When was the scheme announced?

Ans : The scheme was announced by the Sikkim State Government on August 14, 2023.

Q : How does it impact career growth?

Ans : The scheme encourages higher education and new business start-ups, upskilling the workforce and opens doors to better job opportunities.

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