ULLU: Chull Part 3 Now Available On OTT Platform ULLU Orignal App

A trailer for one of the popular Ullu app web series was recently uploaded to YouTube. This online series has been raising expectations since the teaser release. Many fans who are looking forward to the series premiere have shown interest and excitement in the trailer. There is excitement for the upcoming release as a result of the interesting plot and fascinating visuals seen in the video. Who is looking forward to the debut of the series? It has created anticipation among the viewers thanks to its captivating plot and great production value, making it one of the most anticipated web series of the year.

Chull Ullu Web SeriesChull Part 3 web series on ULLU

On the online streaming service Ullu App, it is known that the third installment of the well-known web series Chull will be released soon. Known to all, the hearts of the audience were filled with a lot of fear during the previous two episodes of this series. With viewers eagerly anticipating the gripping and captivating story that the Ullu app regularly delivers, the expectation level is high for Chull Part 3. This new release is anticipated to exceed expectations and keep viewers riveted till the end. end due to his previous deliveries. kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Name of Web Series Chull Part 3
Country India
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Language Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam
  • Sandeep Narang
  • Gulaab Singh
  • Puneet Kaur
  • Ritu Pandey
  • Alpita Banika
Running Time 25 – 30 Minutes
Art Director TBH
Co-Produced by TBH
Directed by Punit Goyal
Produced by ULLU Digital Private Limited
Release Date 11th August 2023
OTT Platform ULLU OTT App and ULLU Originals

This time, the third installment of the renowned Chull of Ullu App web series picked up right where the last one left off. The third installment of the Chull on Ullu App online series continues directly where the previous one left off, raising the tension and keeping viewers on their toes. The main character’s quick thinking and ingenuity will be put to the test when faced with this dangerous situation. On August 11, the third episode of the renowned Chull web series will be available on the Ullu App.

The third episode of the well-known web series Chull by Ullu App centers on a young man named Kapil who has yet to choose his life’s purpose. Kapil is a young man with a carefree attitude, indolent and lacking in ambition. Kapil doesn’t take himself or his life too seriously. Kapil makes the decision to impress his father out of concern for him after repeated failed attempts to convince him that he should take life seriously. Thinking he was serious, Kapil’s father responded by offering him a position as an assistant in his own office. But instead of improving, Kapil’s attitude deteriorated. Now that Kapil is framing the business owner and his daughter, both he and his father are in a lot of trouble.

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